Time & Material


Client satisfaction is an ideology deep rooted in the foundation of Craterzone. Thus, we try to serve our customers with the best possible solution that meets their need exactly. We don’t believe in over projecting project cost or scope of work either. So, we offer customer centric, time and material fixed price quote for custom software development projects. We offer the flexibility that most of the enterprises are looking for worldwide.

We start up with scoping out all the features and functionalities of the project upfront as closely we can and share the best price estimate with the client. Once the deliverables are agreed upon in terms of both time and material, we start the execution part. The client is kept constantly update with the pulse of the project.

So whatever your need may be, say a task that needs 2 hours to be completed or a project that demands 20 hours to execute, we are flexible enough to offer you our services on time and material basis. In case of any changes or new requirements, Craterzone has the flexibility to make adjustments accordingly. Especially in the case of custom software application development where changes might occur now and then, time and materials based pricing model allows us to ensure full transparency with the client on how his budget has been spent or needs to be spent.

Craterzone believes that transparent communication, strong planning and an in-depth understanding of the project requirements is the key to succeed in this competitive industry. And over the years, we have been able to do that successfully.