20 Mar – Staff Augmentation: A Winning Outsourcing Strategy

Staff Augmentation is a growing trend in the fast-paced business environment these days. It is an outsourcing strategy that aims to manage resources requirements in addition to the existing staff. The exercise seeks to evaluate the professional abilities of the existing workforce in an organisation, enhance their productivity and subsequently arrive at the exact requirement for additional manpower. This way, the outsourced staff comes equipped with a certain set of skills crucial in the timely and effective completion of projects. The main advantage of staff Augmentation is that it results in the optimum utilisation of existing resources as well as outsourced services and human resources.


Staff augmentation through IT platform

Staff augmentation is made easier by the abundance of IT resources. Under IT augmentation, companies hire dedicated technical resources, generally offshore, as extensions of their in-house application development teams. The external resources hired on fixed or flexible terms and conditions are managed by staff augmentation services providers. The advantage with IT staff augmentation is that it is a one-window solution in the form of application development across various technology verticals. Technological skill set is a key determining factor in the hiring of external software developers.

Advantages of staff augmentation

Under staff augmentation, the concerned companies have a direct access to, and control over, their resources. The staff solution services are designed to provide the clients maximum flexibility and control over their resources. Staff augmentation service providers help companies in increasing their performances and effectiveness that results in considerable savings in hiring costs and extra expenses that they will otherwise incur in the course of internal training, skill development and hiring of staff on a consecutive basis. It minimises the need for having a manpower setup, incurring costs in repeated hiring or signing long term contracts. The staff augmentation solution providers manage leaves, medication, insurance etc for the resources it provides. Craterzone caters to enterprises and organisations which require additional manpower and skill sets. It stands out among consulting and IT staff augmentation services providers by its well-established ‘hire a developer’ programme that consists of various offerings such as mobile app developer, windows phone developer and a dedicated outsourcing team.

Optimisation of resources through staff augmentation

The overall benefits of staff augmentation services include considerable reduction in the staffing cost and time and channelisation of most appropriate resources for a particular project. The process ensures the project’s viability by providing IT consultation and domain expert services to clients. The business and technical teams of staff solution providers analyse the requirements of companies and formulate a structured staff augmentation strategy. The main aim of staff augmentation is to help the clients in optimising their development staff and avail the services of a dedicated outsourcing team to get a cost-effective and efficient engagement experience. The technique provides overseas staff augmentation services that can help companies achieve their business goals faster with minimal cost. Staff augmentation firms also provide subcontracting services to other IT companies, agencies and firms to handle both work overload and complete solutions for finding resources. Craterzone serves the staff augmentation requirements of domestic and international clients.

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