Windows Phone App Development

Our skilled developer understands the hardware and software of the Windows Phone and it opens new vistas for Windows Phone development with the customer as its prime focus.

window_app Windows phone:Windows Phone is gaining traction among users and hardware manufacturers recently. This means that unlike Android and IOS, on Windows Phone you can have a significant early mover advantage if you develop right away. Craterzone Mobile Apps development team is focused on blending knowledge of XNA, .NET Compact Framework 4, and Silver light to create flawless applications for Windows 8.We have expert app developers to cater to the needs of customized app development for Windows8 OS. We will help leverage your business with a wide range of applications under the Windows Mobile App development. Craterzone provides comprehensive solutions to the all the application development needs and develop applications that suits the client’s requirements.From CRM and ERP apps to Widgets, Games and entertainment apps, we take special care to meet all the wants and needs of the client. Windows 10 Universal apps Build your app once,run it on both phone and tablet.Except crafting UI for each platform ,most of the code and logic remains the same. Features like shared state,shared entitlement and shared in-app purchases is what makes the concept of universality quite appealing to us : At Craterzone we develop apps using tools and techniques that will save valuable time. It also gives our clients a dramatic advantage as a company targeting both Windows and Windows Phone devices. We create Universal apps using HTML with JavaScript, XAML with C++, or XAML with C# or Visual Basic. The Universal app model builds on the common core that Microsoft has developed for its main operating systems, and is more flexible than its original code-sharing technology, Portable Class Libraries. It’s proved popular with developers working across phones and tablets, but with the release of Windows 10 Universal apps are set to be the preferred way of building Windows apps – from Internet of Things to phones to tablets to desktops to games consoles to wall displays. So contact us today to create Universal Windows applications and stay ahead of the curve.