User Interface Designing

Craterzone believes that beautiful UI does matter. Our focus is to deliver a design which is Structured, Simplicity, Visibility and Reusability.

User Interface Design

A pleasing User Interface is paramount for the success of your application. The UI’s focus should be on anticipating the needs of potential users and in providing a friendly interface to them for accessing, understanding, and utilizing the application features.

For this, knowing your users is most important, and everything stems from understanding their goals, preferences, skills, and tendencies. The wireframes and designs we create, based upon such analysis, follow established usability patterns, best practices, and out-of-the-box innovative ideas. We understand the impact the user interface has on the user’s choices better than anybody else, and ensure that the experience the user has is in a class of its own.

At Craterzone three important principles of user experience design underlie every product we create for you. The Organizing principle leads us to creating consistent structural interfaces. Consistent to the application, the platform, the user’s expectations, and to the interface itself. The Economizing principle leads to the creation of friendly interfaces that use the least number of cues to achieve goals. The Communication principle ensures that interaction of the user with the interface takes place on the same wavelength, and that there is no disconnect or ambiguity.

Our beautifully simple UI designs, fuse elements of visual design, interaction design, and architecture design for multiple platforms such as, the Web, iOS, Android, Windows, feature phones, tablets etc. Each pixel is elegantly crafted, keeping in mind the fine line between application features, the platform environment of experience, and user patterns and expectations, so as to enable your brand presence to shine through it all.

The user experience that emerges leads users to completing their goals. This means ‘staying out of the way’ and not distracting your users, which results in a reduction in support costs, and much happier, highly engaged, and satisfied users.

Software engineers on our UX/UI design teams are highly qualified, experienced, and trained to create and deliver interfaces that are intuitive, and have the ‘wow’ factor that pleases your audiences, and enables them to arrive at the right decisions.

We have worked for more than a decade with an international clientele to build our expertise in this area, which we now offer. Trust us to know exactly what you need in terms of user experience for engaging your customers, for delivering value, and for creating all-around satisfaction while meeting goals.