Software Testing

Software Testing

  • Agile Testing: Mature testing processes that align with agile software development methods.
  • Compatibility Testing: A full spectrum of compatibility testing including OS and device platform conflicts.
  • Functional Testing: Testing for desktop software, mobile apps, embedded software, reports and more.
  • Mobile Application Testing: Testing services for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry and HTML5.
  • Performance Testing: Load, stress, spike, configuration, isolation, cloud and other performance testing.
  • Security Testing: Authentication, authorization, availability, confidentiality and other security testing.
  • Test Automation: Code-driven, graphical user interface and various forms of performance test automation.

We offer wide range of testing services starting from functional testing to security testing. We believe that a software is complete when it is awesome from every perspective in terms of quality criteria. And we have teams who specialize in each and every quality criteria to serve our customers better than anyone else in this world. We can make this bold statement because we know we are crazy enough when it comes to working with computers. From fully outsourced testing services to strategy consulting and test automation, Optimus services are designed to suit the varying needs of software companies, large companies with dedicated QA teams and digital creative companies

Benefits of Working with Craterzone

Is your Software bug-free, secure & fragile? ANGLER’s proven software testing methodologies can help you get rid of the bugs without any hassle.

Best Quality
We adopt rigorous quality assurance and management procedures to ensure the lowest defects level.
Reduce Rework
With the intent of finding software bugs, we offer flexible solution to meet your testing needs to ensure that business requirements of the system have been met
Skilled Testers
Our test engineers have amazingly diverse skill sets that all contribute to their testing effectiveness, We help you battle the bugs out of your software!
Redefining Process
Craterzone redefine the application / software development process and Identify areas of weakness and enhancements and verify the expected performance and accuracy of logic