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Flutter is a mobile app SDK for creating rich and fluid native interfaces for both iOS and Android-powered by Google. It offers best cross -platform app development by keeping single codebase. Features like hot reload, widget libraries help to build beautiful native apps in record time.

Flutter is Google’s new open source technology for creating native Android and iOS apps with a single codebase. Unlike other popular solutions, Flutter is not a framework; it’s a complete SDK – software development kit – which already contains everything you will need to build cross-platform applications. This includes a rendering engine, ready-made widgets, testing and integration APIs, and command-line tools.

Similar technologies such as Xamarin , React Native, Ionic, or NativeScript all try to achieve platform nativeness via different approaches

At Craterzone, being a prominent Flutter App Development. Company, we passionately develop beautiful and functionally-rich mobile apps, crafted to meet your specific needs.

Complete with a rich widget, framework & tool, Flutter comes with remarkable perks allows developers to create stunning apps for iOS and Android platform in record time

Why choose Flutter ?

  • Single Codebase
  • Fast Development
  • Customized Interface
  • Proprietary Widgets