Android App Development

Craterzone offers complete range of Android development services such as Utility, Web based, Multimedia and Java Applications.


At Craterzone, we offer complete range of Android mobile apps development. Our Android app developers are well versed with the Android SDK, API’s, OpenGL, Android Media, 3D Graphics, Location-based Service APIs, Wi–Fi APIs, Security Architecture, Custom Widget development & other technologies necessary to make high–quality Android apps. We have designed and implemented customized android mobility solutions for companies such as HTC, SanDisk and apps for Disney Orlando.

Our Android application development services include:
  •  Application development for Android devices:

Android devices possess the fantastic ability of providing customization to end users and organizations. We are among the earliest application developers for Google Android and our highly qualified Android app development team has developed a variety of applications across many platforms.
Utilizing the complex Google Android SDK platform, our Android developers explore the unlimited possibilities of Android through its comprehensive set of development tools.
At Craterzone, our objective is to to create state-of-the-art mobile software by combining skills with a dedication to prepare the best apps. We understand that Android is the fastest growing mobile platform, due to which the demand for Android app development is steadily increasing.Contact Craterzone today to turn your ingenious vision into a live application, with the help of our team of experienced and passionate Android app developers.

  • Android application development for Android Wearables:

Android Wear extends the Android platform to a new generation of devices,with a user experience that’s designed specifically for wearables. Designing apps for wearable devices powered by Android Wear is substantially different than designing for phones or tablets: different strengths and weaknesses, different use cases, different ergonomics. At a high level, the Android Wear UI consists of two main spaces centred around the core functions of Suggest and Demand. Your App will have an important role to play in both of these spaces. Craterzone helps in customizing and developing Android apps for Android Wearables specifically focusing on the core functions of Suggest and Demand. So contact us for customization and development of your android App on wearables.

  • Android studio:

The new Android studio in essence is IntelliJ configured for Android Development. The developers can now take advantage of all the intelligent code editing capabilities of IntelliJ IDEA.
Taking full advantage of Internationalization string editing Craterzone developers are equally adept at developing apps in non-native languages.Using the User interface design our Developers are better able to edit and preview Android Layouts across multiple screen sizes, languages, and even API versions.
Our Developers mantra is to optimize performance and using the memory monitor we constantly find ways to improve performance of your App.We have embraced the new Android Studio and we develop Android application applications taking full use of android development tools &  the new features provided by the Android Studio.