Fixed Cost


To deliver the maximum for your money, Craterzone delivers project with fixed budget at pre-decided timelines. With this arrangement, Craterzone aims to cater the demands of small and medium size projects wherein changes to the scope of project are not needed as well as where the project requirements are fixed.

Nevertheless, before starting the project, we work closely with the client to understand their exact requirements and work out what exactly would be needed to meet their expectations with the project. With these set of pre-defined features and functionalities, we share a time and cost estimate with the client. Once approved by the client, the work on project starts and is delivered to the client as per delivery milestones agreed upon.

In case there are any changes that surface during or after the completion of the project, the associated cost and timeline is worked upon and shared with the client. Whatever the project and its scale may be, we strive and deliver best quality project to our clients. At every stage the client is kept actively involved and is constantly updated on the project’s progress.

Advantages of Fixed Price:
It reduces financial risk


Client can invest their money precisely on the projects requiring highest ROI
Flexibility to outsource particular projects
Better control over the IT cost