20 Mar – CraterZone’s IT Staff Augmentation Service: A Means to Get Served by Industry Experts

Thanks to the advent of high speed internet, communication happens at a blazing speed and transactions happen at a flick of a finger, now! Among all interesting and important to have happened because of internet, now, one can interact and hire the services of experts irrespective of their location. Most of the organisations across the globe look to India for outsourcing and evident price advantage! staff_augmentation-craterzone IT staff augmentation: Challenges Galore! There are many challenges that an organization comes across while trying to fulfil their IT requirements. If a lack of adequate trained staff is said to be one of the major reasons for an organisation’s inability to meet their business commitments and thus lose on reputation, there are challenges aplenty and of varied kinds. Some of the prominent challenges that an organisation may face towards attending its IT needs are,
  • Shortage of staff: An organization may need more IT professionals than what they have when they undertake a new project. Employing new personnel is not feasible.
  • Shortage of skill: Organisations may not be having employees with skills required to complete a project.
  • Time bound projects: Necessity of meeting deadlines may compel an organisation to look out for temporary hiring of professionals.
  • Budget constraint: Small business houses may not be in a position to employ IT professionals due to budget constraints. Staff augmentation can be a right solution.
staff augmentation The Solution at hand: What does CraterZone offer? CraterZone is among the emerging names in India with a team of dedicated professionals who understand the qualms of changing times and can meet the expectations around IT staff augmentation – no matter how stringent they are. We believe in the fact that overseas clients are more interested in hiring efficient and experienced professionals and are not looking to a save a penny here and there. CraterZone, backed by its dedicated team of talents, offers IT Augmentation services around,
  1. Mobile solutions
  2. Software development
  3. Testing tools and services
  4. Digital Marketing
  5. Cloud computing services
  6. Business and Knowledge Process Outsourcing
Benefits to the clients: What’s that You Stand to Gain from Us By subscribing CraterZone’s staff augmentation services, customers stand to benefit by:
  • Boost in productivity and profits
  • Opportunity to explore possibilities of expansion to new business areas
  • Building solid reputation in the market with quality services in a non-core domain
  • Strong control over expenses with reduced resource management costs
  • Saving on time while ensuring efficiency – without having to change the business process
Still, Why hire CraterZone services?
  • Timely and effective completion of projects
  • Complete all round support and guidance on development and maintenance on any project
  • Save on operational costs
  • Round the clock technical support
CraterZone understands the necessity of preserving and maintaining of confidentiality and privacy of their customers. The company never reveals, rents out, sells/leases or gives out any information shared with it by any third-party. Contact us at today for further details around our IT staff augmenting services.

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