Benefits of an Offshore Development Centre

Offshore development is a form of Outsourcing. Now, you might say ‘Why Outsource’ but in keeping with the latest market trends, the question you should ask is ‘Why not outsource’. It is an open secret today that outsourcing works great for both big and small businesses alike. Outsourcing your work to a company, especially an IT Outsourcing Company, has become a trend and it is a tried-and-tested model today. It is now recognized as a long term competitive strategy for success and profits.


As mentioned earlier, Offshore Development is a from of Outsourcing, that deals Offshore Software Development, that is development of a software project in some foreign country. Basically the centre where Offshore Outsourcing happens is called an Offshore Development Centre. Given below are benefits of an Offshore Development Centre.

  1. These days, hiring qualified IT professionals can leave a huge dent in your budget. However, the salaries of IT professionals in countries such as India is comparatively lesser than their counterparts in the US and other developed countries.

  2. Outsourcing can give you the opportunity to have access to the best possible technology and skilled manpower. It is an open secret that countries such as India produce a large number of qualified IT professionals who are extremely skilled at what they do. Moreover, Indian Outsourcing Companies also have a highly diversified set of professionals in their payroll. Moreover, offshore outsourcing companies focus heavily on innovation, quality and are continuously on a lookout for improvement. Thus, you stand in a chance to get strong expertise with highly experienced team of experienced professionals if you hire them.

  3. Offshore Development Centre operate at high levels of efficiency, and reliability. You can get access to quality processes operating at the highest possible software development quality. This ensures minimum error rate and rework.

  4. Hiring an offshore outsourcing company can ensure that you already have access to an already functioning infrastructure provided by any Offshore Development Centre to start your projects. This considerably, shortens project start-up time span.

  5. Involvement of many skilled professionals and teams greatly reduces the risk of project failures. This provides significant advantage when managing service level agreements.

  6. As work allocation happens at a different location and task accomplishment happens at different location, the time ideally taken for development reduces considerably.

  7. No extra or new infrastructure is needed to complete your projects. As mentioned above, Offshore Development Centre come equipped with all the basic infrastructure and hence you can just go ahead and start your project without having the need to develop any other infrastructure.

  8. One can get high quality work from the skilled offshore team, without much training. In case, you are not satisfied with the work done on your project, you can always ask the work to redone, without incurring additional costs.

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