Why Flutter is Revolutionary

Why Flutter is Revolutionary
Provides a wider reach
Using Flutter you can develop apps that target both the Android and iOS platforms, which means you have a wider reach for your target audience. This increases the chances of getting good business.
What is even more interesting is the fact that the consistency on both the platforms remain is maintained, making the app even more desirable for the users. Now that Flutter has already proven itself in the iOS and Android spaces, it has now ventured into the web application area with the launch of Flutter 2.0.
With the emergence in the web application, Flutter has surely left no stone unturned to woo the enterprises, who are looking forward to this rapidly growing app development platform.

Cost Effective
Literally, Flutter costs nothing, as it is an open source platform, where you can use it for free. This clearly helps the enterprises in their cost management, because they save a lot on the license fees by using Flutter.
On the other hand, since you have to write only one code that works for both the Android and iOS platforms, you even save a lot on the resources both during the development and in terms of maintenance.
Thus, app development with Flutter can reduce the cost of your project, making it even more profitable. At the end of the day, it is money which matters!

Used by the industry bigwigs
Flutter is loved by all. Be it the rising startups or the bigwigs like Google, Alibaba, and Broadway, everyone has loved the way Flutter has helped them design beautiful and functional apps seamlessly.
To your amazement, a lot of top apps like Google Greentea, Google Ads, Xianyu, Reflectly, and InKino are built using Flutter. No wonder that Flutter is truly a revolution, that has amazed a lot of tech-savvy end users with such marvelous applications.

High performing and time saving
With its quick app development that enables you to develop some of the highest performing applications. It is the performance of the app that keeps the end users hooked to it, given a short span of human attention, which is just 8 seconds. At the same time, since you have to develop only one code that suffices both the iOS and Android platforms, you save a lot of time both during development and maintenance phases. This helps you spare with ample time that you can use for other constructive activities like marketing, and collaborations, which could improve your business turnover.

Plugins that offer numerous functionalities
Flutter lets you access a lot of plugins, widgets, and tools that could help you offer many functionalities to the end users of your app by simply integrating them. Moreover, these widgets are open source and you can use them all for free.
This not only saves you from the challenge of coding every time from scratch but also helps you to include multiple features and functions with ease. These additional features can set your app apart from your competitors with better customer engagement.
Thus, Flutter brings you in a win-win situation where you save time and effort while offering the best of the features to your customers.

In a nutshell, Flutter has led to a new revolution in the app development landscape which has stirred with intensity to benefit the businesses in the industry.But leveraging to the optimum benefits is an art, which is yet, not so common in the industry.

Source: Flutterhub

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