Mobile App Testing

mobile_app_testing Mobile app testing is quite challenging as compared to desktop or enterprise apps considering apps run on various Operation systems with different flavors of versions on different screen size and in different languages.
Functional Testing
App functionality, remind all departments from design to development to QA that making sure the product works is a shared responsibility as parents always told us there are more to books than their covers – it’s what’s inside that really counts. Same goes for your app.
Usability Testing
A poor user experience can ruin a product launch, drive users away for good and impact the reputation of your company. Does your app meet your users’ expectations for layout and workflows? Is it intuitive to use and easy to learn? Craterzone Usability experts and community of professional testers can help you release apps that delight your users on an affordable budget.
Performance (Stress/Load)
Endurance, consistency and speed. That’s what your app’s going to need when the curtain rises. Let us make sure your app has the makings of a star, ensuring it can scale to its adoring fans without failing, handle extreme workloads and not crack under pressure with our load, stress, endurance, volume and scalability analysis.
Battery And Memory Impact
Nobody likes a heavy app that consumes your battery and force down automatically. Apps that impacts on a device’s battery and consume too much data are like sibling’s fight who always takes the last bite of a shared dessert – and we want to make sure that your app always has a place at the center.
Feel the need for speed and accuracy? Stop manually repeating the same test. Automated testing gets you there. With Craterzone, you can automatically run test cases that don’t require manual input and get immediate real-time results.
Compatibility (Different Version and OEM)
Compatibility is to check whether your software is capable of running on different hardware, operating systems, applications , network environments or mobile devices. Compatibility Testing is a type of the Non-functional testing.
Security Testing
We will make sure that your app isn’t the gateway for a hacker which is very crucial for you, your company’s reputation, and for your users. Security testing is a practiced skill, not necessarily QA team can adequately accomplish, but Craterzone gives you complete surety that your app is secure. After the complete test cycle , we send the test report to the customer. “You can launch a beautifully designed native application, but if it crashes, then it will receive a poor rating and users will go elsewhere. Our goal is to launch nothing short of a 4.5 star app every time – no exceptions. Anyone can read your app store rating. There’s no way to hide poor quality in the world of mobile.” Mobile app testing is quite challenging as compared to desktop or enterprise apps considering apps run on various Operation systems with different flavors of versions on different screen size and in different languages. Craterzone can help your company to find better and cost effective solutions to achieve below objectives without compromising on quality of app
Benefits of Working with Craterzone
Flexibility Craterzone gives testers and mobile engineers the flexibility to perform mobile apps testing their way, with or without automation, using the security of a behind-the-firewall mobile device testing lab.
Slick interfaces, tight security and guaranteed stability Craterzone securely manages more than 40 mobile devices, giving testers 24×7 remote access no matter where they are located.
App will not hog the battery Craterzone makes device sharing efficient and economical while improving mobile app quality.
Fast Testing Turnaround Applause arms you with a 360° approach to mobile app quality to win in today’s ultra-competitive apps economy. From in-the-wild testing services and mobile app quality tools, Applause makes it easier than ever to create winning mobile apps every time.
Black-Box Testing On Real Devices The number of mobile devices grows every day, bringing with it a range of screen sizes, resolutions, processing power, etc. You’d need a warehouse to store all these devices. We do the testing on all the devices available.
Affordable and Attractive price Getting started with Craterzone is more affordable than you may think. Find out how Craterzone fits into your budget.

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