Social Shareup
Social Shareup for Social IDs easy-to-use social ids sharing application that allows friends to share their social ids with phone book contacts. Social Shareup also doubles up as a social ids Finder and has features like QR code generation.


Fetaboo allows Users to browse thousands of fetish stories and Taboo. They can modify, dedicate personalized gifts with other users and other fetishes are no longer taboo and people are becoming increasingly open about their desires.


Mr. CorruCostos – Costing & Material Planning Software for Corrugation & Printing Industry
Mr. Corrucostos is Software-as-a-Service (or SAAS) Web-based software, on-demand software or cloud based software that is delivered to Corrugators online. With no software or hardware installed Corrugators can now easily calculate costing of a Corrugated Box, create Cost Break-up sheet, Order history, Material planning and many more.


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