Craterzone is a global leader in IT consulting, mobility solutions, outsourcing management, customised software development and digital marketing.

As a proven partner, Craterzone helped large enterprises to start-ups in transforming their idea into a world class product.

With over 7 years of industry experience in USA supporting international businesses, Craterzone has a reputation of being a company dedicated to quality, on time delivery and great customer services. The difference between us and our competitors is our people, our processes, our approach and respect to privacy and acumen to look minute information with great detail. We have spent years perfecting our solutions and we’re still improving every day.

Attain a unique identity in the Information Technology space by providing exceptional, cost effective and high quality services & solutions that bring immediate ROI to our customers, with a commitment to building a strong working relationship.

Our Approach

The “inspect-and-adapt” approach to development greatly increase product quality, reduces development costs & time to market and hence benefits our clients.
User centered design
We pay extensive attention to needs, wants and limitations of end users of a product at each stage of the design process. We carefully research the problem we want to solve to provide efficient user best solution.
Iterative and Flexible
We design on white board, shape ideas and convert them into a prototype that is ready to test. We iterate until you’re happy with the finished product.
Business partners
We work with everybody from start-ups to established businesses, international clients to small factories to make sure your product meets your needs and get the extra mileage that you are looking for.
A small team, perfectly formed
We are small, perfectly formed team of industry experts with decades of combined experience delivering mobile apps & innovative enterprises solutions..
A near obsession over quality
We create apps, websites and customized software’s with a design that are both functional and appealing with great user experience. It’s this unique combination of versatility, quality and design that creates a successful product.
Respect Privacy
We respect your privacy and protect it seriously. We will never sell, rent, lease or give away your information and business ideas (name, address, email, etc.) to any third party.


Through research, design and strategy, we have helped many organizations to improve existing products. Using our knowledge and intellect, our team has been delivering designs and object oriented approach for clients across the globe.
Understand your Users!!!
The important first step is to understand the whole of your business, your goals, your target audience and most importantly your voice.
Develop a Strategy
In order to develop a strategy, success of a project mainly decided in the first few weeks. We help to define a clear product strategy, design guidelines and a clear content strategy and feature roadmap.
Generating Ideas
Generate many ideas while you design because the first idea is rarely the best. After a series of repetitive brainstorming, games and other co-activities we turn these ideas into perfect experience.
Interact while designing
Prototyping and Testing
To build a a new product, things can be expensive and time consuming. That’s the reason testing and prototyping should be done before they go into production. By sketching ideas and building interactive prototypes can produce effective results via testing it on real users.
Now a days, Mobile apps and Web applications have become so complex, users struggle with most of its activities. We craft every single pixel of the interface and attend every detail obsessively. Users deserves perfect and through a variety of deliverables including site-maps, user-charts and wireframes, no interaction is left to chance.
Interface Design
Products that last
Before making your hands working on code We should carefully handcraft our HTML, CSS and JS following the W3C standards to develop semantic and accessible product. In addition, we are always using the newest technologies which are in the market.
Beautiful Design, to the core
Once you create a wireframe, UX design doesn’t finish with a wireframe, we have made our habit now to craft beautiful interfaces that users will love. Good interface design is the key to a great user experience.
Analyse, Iterate and Improve
Launching Mobile apps is the new start of the story, not the end. It’s important to regularly monitor your progress and look for opportunities to optimize your product. We can work with you to tweak your site usability, improve conversion rates and add new features.

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